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System Integration into End Product


VMK Engineering prefers to work with the customerís design and detailing personnel for integrating the system into the end product. The benefits being:


ō    Faster introduction of new designs


       Customer design personnel are the most familiar with the end product and in house design release processes.


       Mock-ups and prototypes can be quickly done in Customerís prototype shop with minimal drawings.External design services require complete vehicle CAD data, which may not be readily available.


       Additional time and resources are not required to check or modify drawings, done by outside design services, that do not conform to customerís design/drawing standards.



ō    Lowest cost design of fabricated components


       Customer design personnel are the most familiar with in-house manufacturing standards and processes and the process limits of preferred component fabricators.



ō    In-house support capability


       Customer design personnel become familiar with the systems and can provide production and product maintenance support.





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